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And the third repeated thing is this. That while it is shoved down our throats at every turn, still not everybody just buys into the judgment we’ve been handed that what is active and imparting and more “male yang” is all that is “adult” and valuable and worth anything. But I feel you very strongly coming from this assumption underneath it all. Just like the later Taoists may have, but that was not overall in their much older “the way of water” stuff as I understand it, yin was seen as actually superior there. Not that I think that, I think yin and yang are a perfect complement and what BOTH offer are “contributing” and “valuable” in their own equally important but very *different* ways
not just male yang type active and duty oriented sort of imparting being valuable (as is idealized). To understand the fullness of what I am saying with female and male yin and male and female yang, you might want to see

One thing I’d like to mention from there: That I do think there is male yin and female yang (those little inner circles), but I think these things support rather than battle male yang and female yin. In other words a woman embracing her female yang aspect is not simply becoming male yang, rather her female yang benefits her female yin.

So this also connects with the area of giving and giving back. I never have said a woman in her female energy “gives nothing” but that she “gives back” IN A FEMALE ENERGY WAY. Another way to see this is that she gives back through her female yang which SUPPORTS her female yin rather than trashes it, by being true to her comfort cues and vulnerable/receptive nature
not by having to be male yang which is more the servant leader and so puts another’s comfort cues first and actively serves and also really risks, which I think are not true to feminine energy but rather masculine energy, those are heroic things. The stuff of life can still get done without betraying one’s female energy. I think a woman can still “whistle while she works” and be true to her female core
but only if her feelings and needs there are truly cared about and priority; not when she is expected to pretend less vulnerably and need, and expected to “harden” and “buck up” despite what she is feeling or needing, and thus “serve”. And again I am talking about a deeper overall sense of comfort, not that every little thing is comfortable but that overall there really is a feeling of ful-fill-ment deep down, a true receiving happening, so that a woman can still be true to female energy’s receptive nature. You still give back from this place, but that giving back now becomes healing rather than harmful, feminine energy rather than servanthood. And to me that still makes ALL the difference in the world.