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"Cute. Young. No way."

Those were the first words I thought when I first saw my husband, Lorenzo while sailing the Amalfi Coast in Italy.

Being cute and young, I knew he could have any younger woman he wanted.

No way he would be interested in me because I was waaay too old for him … or so I thought.

Even though I look and feel younger than my age (at least I think so :)) I was certain when Lorenzo found out, he would freak out and run!

Fortunately, he didn't.

Today's video gives you a fun, fail-proof tip on what to say when a much younger man asks your true age.

You're sharp. You look good. You feel younger than you are.

If you're hiding your age, tune in now to see how the "age old question" affects a younger man's interest.

If you've ever dated a younger man and fretted over your age, please share your comments and story below.

And if you have a girlfriend, sista or daughter that can benefit from this video, pass it along!

Thank you so much for reading and watching.