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I was impressed with the turnout, especially since the last time I was there it was about 90% women. This time the place was teeming with well-dressed men of all types. There were a few that really stood out, but I was hardly tempted. Something about their "peacock" shirts and overly self-conscious strutting made me long for my torn t-shirt wearing boyfriend who was probably sitting at his computer just a few minutes drive from here.

After two hours of catching up with my friends and sipping wine, we still hadn't talked to one man. Wait, I'm wrong. Bubbly chatted up a guy while waiting in line for wine but returned empty handed (well, she had her wine but no man).

I had a feeling that I was to blame for this man drought. Although my intentions were to be the wing girl and help my friends out, I suspected that my "I'm not really single" vibe was spraying some sort of man repellant all over the table. I'm sure the sexy "I just had hip surgery" crutches didn't help either.