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Try smiling at yourself in a mirror and find your best, warmest and most inviting smile and snap it! I only ‘became’ photogenic when I learned my best poses and best smiles and most flattering body positions. You have an incredibly handsome mug, all it’s missing is a smile…perhaps a sly, flirtations grin with a wee glint of mischievousness in your eye. ;)

Don’t be so hard on mankind. There are a LOT of really dumb, annoying, skanky, retarded, nasty@ss women in this world too.


I know this will sound negative, but it’s more like something that I have just accepted: Human are strange. Humans are mostly all the same. And the ones who are “different” usually feel like they are a space-alien on a different planet when they watch the way regular humans interact. That doesn’t make them “bad”, that just means for some of us….being WITH someone would (and is) still the same as being ALONE. Sorry if that sounds too philosophical, but I always think of that old Bush song lyrics: “I’m never alone…..I’m alone all the time” when I think of interacting with other humans.

And I totally agree that Seventy Nine needs to show us some smiles!!!