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"Is THAT your friend??" I think I have a few stories up of when women said this, or something similar to me. These are the guys whose worlds revolve around pick-up. They see every interaction with a woman in the seduction community terms. "Her friend is such an AFC", "That guy was AMOGing me", "I just need to use this technique on her".

Visually you may think these people are all hunched, pale nerds or Comic Book Guys. Actually, a lot of them look like pretty average men. It's not until you start talking to them that you realize their thought processes are a little off.

When these guys get together they often magnify each other's weirdness. They encourage each other. With only other strange people around there are none of the checks and balances on odd behavior that exist in the regular social world. They come up with new wrong-headed ideas to spread around. Their 'weirdness filter' makes them misinterpret existing good ideas. At the very least they're not making each other worse, but hardly have any good social habits to teach each other either.

Losers teaching losers. Hence why they have no real success with women. You generally have two kinds of guys with women problems. You have guys like me, that have sex at an early age, and find it hard to be with just one woman, BUT we're socially competent. And then you have the guys that haven't even touched a woman until their mid to late twenties, and don't know how to naturally interact with them, or people in general. They end up being socially incompetent and believe that everything works like a computer.

Basically the ranks of the Community are constantly being replenished by guys who are predisposed to keeping it a weird place. It's a struggle for the forces of normality in the scene, because even if they can chip away at one cohort's problems, there is always a freshly weird one waiting to take their place.

Why are so many of the guys weird in the first place? Well the scene attracts desperate, sexually inexperienced guys. They're more likely than your Average Joe to have core issues in being able to get along with people, including women. Secondly, as a fairly underground, fringe, unregulated scene, the Community can be somewhat of a magnet for eccentric characters.


Many of the guys in the scene don't have the social or life experience to properly evaluate the information they're exposed to.